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Ducati Panigale V2 - Black on Black Pre-Order

Ducati Panigale V2 - Black on Black Pre-Order

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Ducati Panigale V2

The Red Essence.

Now in Black.

This model and colorway has been is such high demand since Ducati announced and started building the Panigale V2 with a Black on Black livery, that they're only filling special orders. If you want a Black Panigale V2 we can get you one quick but we do need an order on file with Ducati North America to start the process.

Submit a $250 deposit via our pre-order system and we'll get a Black on Black Panigale V2 for you presto! Deposits are fully refundable so if you don't like the look of the bike (which we find highly unlikely), we will refund your money no problem. And if you want to know more about this beautifly sophisticated machine, read further or contact our Tacoma, WA (253-319-5969) or Concord, CA (925-954-4024) Sales Departments to learn more.

Sporty and elegant soul.

The Panigale twin flaunts a simple design and clear-cut lines, with sophisticated electronics that make it equally high-performance and enjoyable on both road and track. The new Black on Black livery transmits power at first glance, as well as even more audacious style.

Sports Essence

A simple design with clear-cut lines that convey power, without compromising classic Ducati superbike flair. The Panigale V2 features the single-sided aluminum swingarm, the hallmark of every high-end sports Ducati. The extensive fairing envelopes the refined monocoque frame, highlighting a more compact Superquadro twin-cylinder engine, smaller in comparison to the Desmosedici Stradale.

"Double layer" Fairing

A main fairing extends upwards and merges into the tank with its muscular shoulders, while a secondary layer serves as an air vent. This 'double layer' solution revives the clean lines typical of Ducati sports bikes, famed for their full-fairing look. The fairing underside is visually connected to the under-engine silencer, which terminates in a single lateral pipe.

Panigale Look

Dominating the front end are the two large air intakes, the upper parts of which incorporate the full LED headlight. The front vents merge with the air intake layout via ducts that reduce pressure loss, thus boosting intake efficiency. The headlight is reduced in size with the specific intention of giving the intakes themselves - especially with the bike at standstill - a more menacing air, like two enormous mouths.

Perfect Ducati Style

The tail is built on a steel trellis subframe lined with plastic covers that runs from the vertical cylinder to the tailpiece, the winged design of which is inspired by a car spoiler. The tailpiece incorporates the full LED taillight, also wing-shaped. Although it has a one-piece assembly, the light has two distinct parts in line with Ducati sports bike tradition.

Injectors and ducts

The Panigale V2 mounts two injectors per cylinder, one above and one below the throttle body, larger, and re-angled.
Despite having the same flow rate, the intake ducts lose less pressure than their predecessors, improving intake efficiency.
Compact silencer
The silencer boasts an internal layout that is better able to abate spikes in noise, back pressure remaining equal.

90° V cylinders

The Panigale V2 engine acts as a stressed member of the frame. Set 90° apart, the cylinders are banked rearwards around the crankshaft axis, resulting in a 21° angle between front cylinder and horizontal plane.


Transmission involves a six-speed gearbox with the Ducati Quick Shift up/down EVO system and a wet clutch. The latter comes complete with an anti-patter and progressive self-servo mechanism.

Chassis and Ergonomics

Monocoque frame

Attached directly to the cylinder heads, the monocoque frame houses the steering head bearings, contained in two aluminum bushes. In addition to working as a frame, the monocoque also serves as an air-box. It contains not just the air filter but also the throttle bodies and the fuel circuit, complete with injectors, and is sealed off by the aluminum fuel tank bottom.

Front-end geometry

The front-end geometry has 24° of rake and 94 mm of trail, while the double-sided swingarm has been replaced with a sophisticated, fully die-cast aluminum single-sided swingarm.
The wheelbase is 1436 mm and the weight distribution is 52% at the front and 48% at the rear.


The Panigale V2 features the 43 mm Showa BPF fork at the front, fully adjustable in its spring pre-load, compression and rebound damping.
The Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF) considerably improves damping control at low speed, ensuring lower-pressure oil feed and reducing the amount of fluid needed for compression and rebound adjustment.


Wheels and tires

The Panigale V2 has a 5-spoke, 3.5 inch wheel at the front and 5.5 inch wheel at the rear, both rolling on Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV Corsa tires, specifically 120/70 ZR17 at the front and 180/60 ZR17 at the rear.
Pirelli's first multi-compound bike tyre, the Diablo Rosso IV Corsa combines racetrack performance with road versatility, making it ideal for the Panigale V2.



4.3” TFT display

Instrumentation on the Panigale V2 features a 4.3" TFT display. The graphics and interface facilitate menu browsing and setting adjustment while allowing more immediate identification of the selected Riding Mode.
The Riding Mode interface clearly and immediately shows any changes being made to the settings. This is done thanks to the explanatory graphics of the system being adjusted and a graduated scale indicating whether the modification is better suited to performance or vehicle safety/stability.

Electronic controls

The comprehensive and modern electronic equipment, based on the 6-axis inertial platform, leaves no doubt that the Panigale V2 possesses the DNA of a high-end sports bike.
The new electronics package raises active safety and dynamic control standards thanks to the ABS cornering function

Lights and indicators

The front headlight assembly is extremely compact thanks to the adoption of two small LED low beam / high beam modules. The Daytime Running Light and the upper rim of the dual headlight assembly create a 'browed' look
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