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BMW Motorrad

BMW M 1000 RR Pre-Order

BMW M 1000 RR Pre-Order

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The pinnacle of the superbike world, the BMW M 1000 RR is now available for pre-order through SoSo Cycles and our three West Coast locations. Wanna get one of the extremely exclusive machines? Use our handy pre-order application here to put down your (fully-refundable) $250.00 deposit and let us know which location you'd like to take delivery of your M 1000 RR at. It's that easy!

And we've still got to put in this disclaimer because we never get enough M 1000's to fill customer demand.

*** Please be aware that putting down a pre-order deposit does not guarantee an opportunity to purchase. These bikes are in VERY high demand and we may not get sufficient supply from BMW Motorrad to fill all pre-orders. Pre-orders will be filled in the order they are received and any pre-orders that fail to be filled will be refunded.***

Would you like to know more?


For all those driven by their passion and ready to take on challenges. For all those who refuse to give up one single millimeter or millisecond: The BMW M RR is the superbike homologated for racing. It was optimized in the wind tunnel and further developed on the circuit. It has optimized aerodynamics and uses carbon, resulting in a higher top speed. Its engine and chassis remain as powerful and direct as ever. The M RR stands for absolute performance and exclusivity down to the last detail. Just the typical M. 


The optimized front and side trim panels are made of carbon to help ensure performance and increase the top speed. In addition, the new aerodynamics relieve strain on the rider by reducing the downforce of the wind: for sustained, fast, focused riding. The newly designed M winglets made of carbon, on the other hand, increase the downforce of the front wheel by up to 13.8 lbs – even when leaning. And they provide 49.8 lbs of downforce at 186 mph on the track, giving riders more confidence during extreme tilts and at high cornering speeds.


The M brake ducts and optional M Aero wheel covers were created in collaboration with BMW Motorsport experts. The M brake ducts are directly integrated into the new front-wheel mudguards, which in turn have been optimized for improved airflow around the fork legs and brake calipers. Their first time in use on a series motorcycle, the M brake ducts reduce the temperature of the brake calipers. The M Aero wheel covers, also made of visible carbon, reduce turbulence at the front wheel and unleash your bike’s full potential on long straights at speeds greater than 155 mph on the track.


The M RR power train has a maximum rotational speed of 15,100 rpm and has proven itself in the WSBK. A level of performance where every millimeter counts: A few highlights: fully CNC machined intake ports, lightweight 2-ring forged pistons with piston rings optimized for significantly reduced oil consumption, narrow and lightweight rocker arms, titanium valves, optimized camshafts, and Pankl titanium connecting rods that are nearly a combined 12 ounces lighter than the S 1000 RR and delivers reduced friction. In addition, BMW ShiftCam technology for varying valve timing and valve lift as well as an intake system with shorter intake funnels delivering an optimized charge cycle at high engine speeds. To start you off right for victory, its anti-hopping clutch works with self-reinforcement.


The best possible feel for the front and rear wheels and breathtaking, pinpoint accuracy: The heart of the chassis is an aluminum bridge frame, which also includes an upside-down fork and a central spring strut with Full Floater Pro kinematics, meaning improved chassis performance. Consistently and uncompromisingly geared to achieve the best race times, its chassis also impresses those perfectionists taking to the road in search of adrenaline.


What sets a true winner apart is their ability to apply their potential during those critical milliseconds: The M RR Launch Control gives you the perfect start to the race, and the Pit Lane Limiter knows when to control the power. The shift assistant Pro helps you shift gears fast, without actuating the clutch for every gear change. The gearshift can be simply reversed for racing. In addition, a total of 7 riding modes, two adjustable throttle characteristics, and three setting options for the engine drag torque help you adapt your ride to the track perfectly. The 6.5" TFT display makes everything easy to read.


After one year of use in the WSBK and on the racetracks of the world, the following still applies to the M brake: Best in class. Actually, even better. Because the newly developed M brake ducts cool the brake calipers by up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit while racing – depending on the racetrack – for even higher performance and a more constant resistance point. The perfectly coordinated operating element and saddle continues to mean maximum brake stability, clear feedback, and the best adjustment to Race ABS. The M brake is and remains the best reference.


The front has been aerodynamically optimized and features a visible carbon fairing and M design graphic, showing a will to win down to the last detail. Even the newly designed fairing support is made of carbon. And its newly designed rear makes the M RR even more dynamic. Its license plate carrier with integrated light has also been made even more compact. Thanks to a new wiring harness on the rear turn indicators, the M RR is now ready for the racetrack even quicker.


Racing meets aesthetics: The M Competition package includes the M GPS lap trigger and related activation code, the M Aero wheel covers, an anodized rear wheel swing arm that is 7.7 ounces lighter, and the DLC-coated M Endurance chain. Also available: M Carbon package with high-quality visible carbon and clear coat components, M Billet pack with new 5.3 ounces lighter M footrest, and Carbon passenger seat cover or Passenger package.

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