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BMW Motorrad

BMW M 1000 R Pre-Order

BMW M 1000 R Pre-Order

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BMW Motorrad will bring their BMW M 1000 R hyper naked bike to the U.S. market for model year 2024 but supply is going to be VERY limited. If you want to get your hands on BMW's most aggressive roadster of all time, we'd strongly recommend putting down a (fully-refundable) $250.00 pre-order deposit. This will allow us to get your order on file with BMW and get a bike heading your way ASAP.

Here at SoSo Cycles we've made the process super easy. Just let us know which of our three locations will work best for you, complete the checkout and you're all set. One of our sales staff will reach out to you to confirm the order and answer any questions you have.

*** Please be aware that putting down a pre-order deposit does not guarantee an opportunity to purchase. These bikes are in VERY high demand and we may not get sufficient supply from BMW Motorrad to fill all pre-orders. Pre-orders will be filled in the order they are received and any pre-orders that fail to be filled will be refunded.***

Want more information on the awesome BMW M 1000 R? We've got that...


Pushes you to the limit: the M 1000 R. In short, the M R. Superbike meets dynamic roadster. Its heritage stems from M racing developers and the race track. A stunning 205 hp with a top speed of 174 mph and you’re in control – whether within the speed limit on country roads or the race track. The bike is very forgiving, but it will never forgive you for not riding it. Maximum performance: a must. Your objective: exceed – dominate the road. M colors clearly signal this. Unmissable: the sound of the M R four-cylinder engine. Can you hear it calling you? Start the engine!


Perfection is in the details. M winglets generate aerodynamic downforce to prevent high flyers from taking off. At a speed of 136.7 mph on the track, they increase the front-wheel load by 24.3 lbs. Your benefit: maximum riding stability, a lower tendency for the front wheel to lift off the road surface as well as the possibility to brake later and accelerate earlier when cornering.


Fully fledged M experience: the 6.5-inch TFT display welcomes you to the exclusive circle of high-performance riders with M start-up animation. One of four screen variants appears automatically after having started up thanks to the memory function. Optimized for the race track in true M style: as part of the new flashing gearshift indicator, the entire rev counter flashes once the set speed has been reached.


Superbike engine perfected for a hyper roadster: the four-cylinder engine from the RR with BMW ShiftCam technology catapults you from 0 to  62 mph in 3.2 seconds. With a maximum engine speed of 14,600 rpm, the M R is clearly our most powerful roadster. From 10,000 rpm, you can consequently feel more torque and acceleration. In terms of gear ratio, the M R has more to offer compared with the RR: 47 instead of 46 teeth in the secondary gear ratio and a shorter gear ratio in 4th, 5th and 6th gear – for performance-oriented riding along country roads. Shift assistant Pro enables fast upshifts and downshifts. The bike's rich sound originating from the titanium rear silencer impressively emphasizes this.


Clear feedback and breathtaking target accuracy: the chassis with standard DDC as well as fully adjustable suspension elements, adjustable steering damper and milled handlebar clamp. For the M R, it was modified from the RR setup to match the demands of a dynamic roadster. New ergonomics and new handlebars ensure a seating position that is focused on the front wheel.


High levels of performance thanks to high-end assistants. Three accelerator characteristics, linked to the Rain, Road, Dynamic, Race and Race Pro riding modes, deliver optimum response characteristics. DTC helps provide control and riding dynamics depending on the riding mode and Brake Slide Assist supports you in braking drifts when cornering.


Dominant front, aggressive rear: M R at its best. Take your seat on the M seat at the perfect height and reach for the widened tubular handlebar with lasered “BMW M 1000 R” lettering. You stare into the handlebar end mirrors. Sound on, light on: the M logo appears in the LED headlight. You know the road is yours.


It doesn't get any better than this. Exclusive M Carbon parts, such as rear-wheel cover and chain guard, front-wheel cover, tank trims, airbox cover, wind deflectors, sprocket cover, activation code for the M GPS-Laptrigger, M passenger package and a milled M front footrest system demonstrate that this bike won't be beaten. And nothing will stop it: thanks to M Carbon wheels that cut the weight by 3.5 lbs.

Doesn't get much better than M bikes from BMW Motorrad!

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