About SoSo


So, what the heck is SoSo Cycles all about?


Thanks for asking.

Back in 2008, a young fella took an opportunity to run a BMW Motorcycle dealership in San Francisco, CA. He didn’t know what he was doing. 2008, 2009 and 2010 kinda sucked. But the dream of running a proper motorcycle shop endured.

By 2012, we’d started to find our groove in SF and we got our first taste of a custom motorcycle build through a partnership with Wunderlich America. In 2015, we mocked up and put together a custom BMW R nineT we affectionately referred to as the HPT. This bike worked out and became the basis of multiple special nineT’s we’ve completed since then.

While putting the finishing touches on the HPT, we also took on a second BMW Motorcycle location, about 25 miles east of San Francisco in Walnut Creek, CA. This shop was small but immensely promising. We busted our butt for a couple of years in Walnut Creek before finding a bigger home in Concord, CA. By early 2018, the relocation was complete and the facility was feeling like a big upgrade but then the toilets stopped working. That’s a long story you probably don’t care about, so we move on!

Fall of 2019, we took over South Sound Motorcycles, a BMW and Ducati motorcycle dealer in Tacoma, WA and things were really starting to look up. Then COVID… As we hunkered down, masked up and wondered why everything sucked; a deep desire to flip the harsh reality of 2020 on its head set in. So we made up SoSo Cycles.

Motorcycles are supposed to be fun. We get excited seeing new bikes and the riders that make these rides extensions of their personalities and identities. Our focus is to help folks enjoy life on two-wheels to the fullest. We’re not the fastest, we’re not the baddest, we’re not the biggest or the fanciest. And we like it like that.

We are SoSo Cycles and we suck less!